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Data is what you need

to engage your community and foster your brand’s growth


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All your alumni public profiles
available instantly !

humanroads comes with all your alumni public profiles gathered from public professional networks like Linkedin.

humanroads also comes with powerful Artificial Intelligence tools to organize those profiles into your own logic (programs, majors, and campuses).

TWO DATAVIZualisationS


Visualize in great detail where your students come from, where they go :

trends, geolocalization, new job titles, new skills, IA jobs, entrepreneurships, experiences abroad…

humanroads detects and identifies emerging trends.


All your alumni experiences at the tip of your fingers!

Your students connect with your alumni, choose majors, internships, and land jobs  based on evidence that works !

Generate more leads with  communication based on facts!



An interactive map based on facts to generate more leads and to empower your students to plan their career


They use our apps

More than 50 French public universities and schools

are using humanroads every day to improve their performance

neoma bs

Business school

telecom paristech

Engineer school

Université paris descartes


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