(press release) February 25, 2020, Avignon. 2020 heralds a turning point for Humanroads. The company specialising in EdTech (Education Technologies) has just completed its first fundraising round, for a total of €1.5 million. The Région Sud Investissement fund (advised by Turenne Groupe), CAAP Création, a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Alpes Provence, Alumni Business Angels and a group of Parisian business angels (including Philippe Milliet, a construction industrialist and former Chairman of SIGE) have pledged their  support to advance the Humanroads story, one that began 5 years ago.

The Avignon-based start-up is a pioneer in applying innovative strategies to deliver  content required by international education leaders, lifelong learners, and policy makers. The platform currently offers two digital solutions (Humanroads Analytics and the Career GPS) capable of visualizing and analyzing millions of educational and professional data points, or ‘paths.’ Humanroads offers education professionals new ways of combining Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to increase the relevance and demonstrate the impact of their work. The solutions respond to an institution’s everyday challenges: providing individual student support for career planning, understanding the jobs of the future and requisite skill sets, aspirations of the next  generations, and increased globalization of the sector. 

This fund-raising will allow Humanroads to significantly accelerate its technological and business deployment among higher and vocational education and training organizations around the world.

For Benoît Bonte, president of Humanroads: “The support of our new financial partners allows Humanroads to support not only schools and university administrators, but also students and alumni who, in real time, will be able to access new  tools for visualizing and analyzing educational and professional paths.. Institutions will also be able to offer their students a self-paced and discrete opportunity of using this data to clarify the choices available to them as they contemplate further education and/or their careers.

A significant business acceleration expected in 2020

Although Humanroads currently equips some sixty private and public institutions of higher education such as NEOMA bs and more than half of the Polytech Network in France, it aims to rapidly multiply its impact in this sector.

To broaden its scope, Humanroads’ teams have developed new solutions to meet the challenges of career guidance, delivery of lifelong learning, and professional integration. Thanks to this work, the company is able to respond to the challenges of institutional (or “industry”)  stakeholders such as regions, governments or associations.

From 1 to 22 Million Career Paths

Since its inception, Humanroads has been dedicated to research and development in order to offer smarter tools for visualizing and analyzing educational and professional paths and  lifelong learning options. Hence, in two years, the number of indexed career paths has risen from 1 to 22 million. Our partnership with INRIA will make it possible to cope with this exponential growth.

“This is a real technical feat, as there are no solutions on the market that allow this to be done. Preparing for Humanroads’ expansion is all the more important as we need to be able to visualize and analyze several hundred of million routes,” concludes Benoît Bonte.

>> 2020 appears to Humanroads as a year of significant acceleration, both commercially and technically. The €1.5 million fundraising round enables the company to double the size of its technical and commercial teams to meet these challenges.

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